From Principal’s Desk

Serving at Baba Farid Public School makes me immensely happy, as being a part of an educational community means being a part of a warm and welcoming family.

We in the institution, aims at not just teaching in the class but we rather aims at teaching a way of life. We believe in expanding and flourishing as an upcoming institution in the area.

Our faculty is faith-filled, dedicated, sincere, well qualified and joy filled. The teachers keep on updating themselves as, ‘A good teacher never stops learning’. The school provides extra assistant teacher for slow learners and for the students who need extra focus and attention. The use of tools, living examples and constant school programs, is a main focus of the teachers when they plan lessons and activities. The institution encourages the teachers to remain current with recent trends in teaching & learning both.

The lush green environment and sports grounds fill the students with fun and energy, and provide holistic development in both mental and physical aspects. Our goal is to help our students to be collaborative, creative, confident, logical and critical thinkers in this 21st century.

So, come and give your child an environment where we care about and look out for each other. An institution that welcomes you to give your ward an excellent learning experience and an apt environment in this competitive world. .

I, Invite you to join us and be the part of Baba Farid family.

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